Simple/Pro Weather Alert Users Manual


Note:  This manual describes using Pro Weather Alert.  The functionality is mostly the same for Simple Weather Alert, and where there are differences they will be noted in blue.

Simple Weather Alert and Pro Weather Alert bring you NWS weather alerts in near-realtime.  This allows you to stay informed of severe or extreme weather events when you may not be near a radio.  The app operates mostly in the background, only informing you when you need to know.  When a new alert is posted by the NWS, a notification will appear in the status bar on your phone.  You can also set the sounds, lights, and vibrate to go off to further get your attention.  You can then tap the notification in the status bar to read the alert details, or view a list of all current NWS alerts for your area.

Getting Started

The first thing you will need to do is add a location.  All alerts are based on U.S. counties, so you need to specify what county you want tracked.
Learn about Locations

Once you've added a location or locations, you will then begin receiving alerts for those areas (if any alerts are active).
Learn about Alerts

Customizing Your Notifications

You can control which alerts notify you, when they do it, and how.  This gives you a lot of flexibility in controlling which alerts really should get your attention, and which you can safely ignore.  The preferences and keywords are accessible via Menu from the alerts list screen.
Learn about Preferences and Keywords

Using the App Widget

You can add an app widget to your home screen, giving you easier access to important features of Pro Weather Alert.
Learn about the App Widget


If the app is not performing correctly, or you wish to contact the developer, access this screen by going to Menu: Troubleshooting from the alerts list.
Learn about Troubleshooting