Adding a Location

When starting Pro Weather Alert for the first time, you will be taken to the Add Location screen.  All weather alerts are based on geographic location, specifically what county you live in.  This screen will allow you to input information so that the county can be determined. 

Add Location screen

This prompts you for a name to give the location, and then either a zip code, or a city, state combination.

Name: Alerts will identify what location they are for.  So put in an intuitive name (such as "Home", "Work", "Mom's") so that you can quickly determine what area a particular alert is for.  Each name should be unique.
(Simple Weather Alert only uses one location, so the name is not as important and will not be shown on the list.  However, you must still supply one.)

Find By City, State or County, State or ZIP Code Lookup

Zip, City/State: Enter the zip code of the area you want to monitor.  The zip code must be 5 digits long and only numbers.  If you wish to put in a city instead, then use the form of "City, State"Capitalization is not important, and you can either spell out the state name or use the 2 letter abbreviation.  For the city name, do not use any abbreviations such as ST for Saint.  No punctuation or symbols should be a part of the city name.

County/State: Enter your location in the form of "County, State" and select the County radio button.  Alerts are based on the county you live in, so it doesn't matter which specific city you are in, just which county/parish/borough.

Once the location and name are entered, tap Find By Lookup. You will either be sent to the Locations List, or you will receive an error message.  These are the messages you might receive:
In some cases, the location you entered may be a part of multiple counties.  Since weather alerts are based on counties, it is important to choose the right one.  A dialog box will appear in those instances and show you the county names associated with the zip or city/state you entered.

Select the locations you wish to add and tap Done.  If you want to enter a different location instead, tap Cancel.  For each location chosen, they will have the same location name, but with an increasing number appended to it.

(Note: Simple Weather Alert will only allow you to select one of the counties listed)

Find My Phone

Tap the Find My Phone button to have the app determine your weather location by phone location.  This will use either an enabled GPS or Network Location.  The status of those two services are shown for convenience.  At least one of those must be enabled or phone location lookup will not work and you will receive a message telling you.
You can easily access the Location Provider settings by tapping the Menu key, and tapping the Location Provider Settings option.  Once you have enabled GPS and/or Network Location providers, tap the Back button to return to the location add screen.

Track My Phone

Tap the Track My Phone button to go to the setup screen for location tracking.
(Note: Simple Weather Alert does not offer location tracking)

Location Tracking

Location tracking allows you to use your GPS or network location enabled phone to track your location, adding and removing counties as they come within your range, and monitoring alerts for those areas.  In this way, your alerts list will always show you alerts for areas around you, no matter where you travel to.

As with finding the phone location, you must have either GPS or Network Location providers enabled.  To access the setup screen for these providers, tap Menu.

When active, location tracking will keep an up to date list of the closest counties around you.  Those counties will then be checked for active alerts.  So location tracking allows you to monitor alerts in  your vicinity as you travel.

How Far - Choose how far out from your current location to search for other counties. 
How Often - Choose how often to update the list of locations around you.
How Many - Choose a max number of counties to track at any one time.

Start Tracking - Tap to enable location tracking.  The tracked locations will appear in your locations list and any active alerts for those locations will be shown in the alerts list.

Once tapped, the button changes to Stop Tracking.  You can then tap it to stop location tracking and remove any tracked locations from the locations list.  You can also turn tracking on and off via the Location Tracking app widget.

Locations List

This screen shows all of your active locations. You will be brought here each time you successfully add a location, or hit Locations from the Alerts List menu.  You can add or delete more locations from here.  The location you put in is shown, if you used City, State, or the city associated with the zip code you entered.

To add a location: Tap the Add Location button.  It will take you to the Add Location screen.
(Simple Weather Alert only allows for one location.  Trying to add a location when you already have one active will tell you that you cannot unless you delete your current location first)
To delete a location: Tap and hold for 2 seconds on the location entry.  A  menu will come up.  Select "Delete Location" and a confirmation will pop up.  Hit Yes to delete the location, or No to cancel.
To edit a location name: Tap and hold for 2 seconds on the location entry.  A menu will come up.  Select "Edit Location Name" and a text box will pop up.  Enter the new location name and tap Ok.  Or tap Cancel, and the name will be unchanged.
To disable a location: Tap and hold for 2 seconds on an enabled location entry.  A menu will come up.  Select "Disable Location".  That location will no longer generate alerts.
To enable a location: Tap and hold for 2 seconds on a disabled location entry (gray background).  A menu will come up.  Select "Enable Location".  That location will be checked for active alerts on the next alert cycle.
(Simple Weather Alert will not let you enable or disable locations, since you can only have one.)
Change to Permanent: Tracking locations are added and deleted as you move around, when you have Location Tracking started.  However, you can convert a tracking location into a permanent entry in the list  Tap and hold for 2 seconds on a tracking location entry (yellow text).  A menu will come up.  Select "Change to Permanent" to make that location an active location on your list that will not go away when you stop Location Tracking. 
To go to the Tracking Control screen: Tap Menu and select Location Tracking Control
To leave the Locations List: Tap Finished.  You will be taken to the alerts list.