App Widget

Pro Weather Alert comes with an app widget.  This provides you with a convenient way to control important functionality of the app, without having to go into it.

To add the widget to your home screen:
  1. Press the home button to return to your phone's home screen.
  2. In a clear area (not an icon), tap and hold for 2 seconds.  A menu will appear.
  3. Choose Widgets to add a widget to your home screen.
  4. Scroll down the list and tap Pro Weather Alert.  That's all it takes!
App widget on

Notification Mute Toggle

You can mute all sounds or vibrate that alert notifications would normally cause.  This is perfect for places such as church or class where even a vibrate setting might cause distraction.  The alert will still appear in the status bar.

The icon appears as a tornado on a triangle, and has two settings, which you toggle between everytime you tap the icon.
Note that this control only affects new alerts coming will not silence any currently notifying alerts.  Also note that while the Notification Mute is enabled (Gray triangle), the text "(sounds disabled)" will appear in the alert notification text in the status bar, as a reminder.

Location Tracking Toggle

(Simple Weather Alert does not allow for location tracking, and so does not have this widget)

You can toggle location tracking on and off. This is useful for when you are no longer travelling, and wish to conserve battery.  This widget only controls if the tracking is on or off.  To setup tracking, go to the Locations List, and tap Menu, then Location Tracking Control.

The icon appears as a map, and has two settings, which you toggle between everytime you tap the icon.