Alerts List

This shows all current NWS weather alerts for all of the locations you have active.

(Note: Simple Weather Alert will only show the two most severe alerts, and also any extreme severity alerts.  To view all alerts you must use Pro Weather Alert)

The top of the list has information about when the alerts were updated.
Alerts Updated:  Indicates the last time the NWS had changed the active alerts.  Either a new alert was issued or an existing alert was deleted.
Last Checked: Indicates the last time the app attempted to check the NWS alerts.  When there are active alerts for your area, this time should not exceed 2 - 3 minutes.  When there are not active alerts, this time should not exceed 5-6 minutes.

If the app encountered a network error last time it attempted to check the alerts, a notice will be appended to the last-checked time.

Below the time/date info is the active alerts list.  Each alerts begins with the location name that alert is active for.  (Simple Weather Alert omits this since it only uses one loation)  The alerts are color-coded and sorted based on the NWS-derived severity for that event.  The severity of a weather event is separate from the event itself, so not all Warnings are Severe, nor all Watches Moderate, etc.. 

The severity-based color coding is as follows:
Minor or other

Alerts List Context Menu

To bring up the alerts list context menu, tap and hold for 2 seconds on any alert.

Alerts list context

Email this alert: Choose this to send this alert by email to a friend.  Your email app will load the event as the subject and the alert details in the body.  Just choose recipients and send it to them.  This is useful for alerting people who may not have access to app alerts.
Text this alert (SMS): Choose this to send this alert by text message to a friend.  A message box will appear where you can enter a phone number and a message to send.  The alert title will automatically be entered as the text message, but you can edit that if you wish.  To choose the phone number from your list of contacts, tap Contacts List.
Copy to Clipboard: Choose this to copy the alert message into the system clipboard.  Once there, you can then go to a different app and paste the contents into it.
Sort By: Location : Choose this to sort your alerts by location.  Alerts in the list will then be in alphabetic order based on the location name.
(Simple Weather Alert does not have this option)
Sort By: Severity :  Choose this to sort your alerts by NWS severity.  This is the default sort order.
(Simple Weather Alert does not have this option)
Filter by location... : Choose this to filter out all alerts except for a specific location.  A list of all location names will appear.  Choose the location whose alerts you want to view by themselves.
(Simple Weather Alert does not have this option)
Remove filter:  Choose this to remove the location filter and view all alerts again.
(Simple Weather Alert does not have this option)

Alerts List Menu

To bring up the alerts list menu, tap the Menu key on your Android phone.

alerts list menu

Locations :  Tap this to open the Location Selections screen.
Preferences : Tap this to open the preferences screen, where many user-selectable settings are.
Troubleshooting : Tap this to open the Troubleshooting screen.  If you are having problems with the app, or would like to contact the developer, go to this screen.
Keywords: Tap this to open the Keywords screen.  There you can add keywords to highlight alerts when there are matches.
User's Guide:  How you got here!
What's New: Shows what the most recent changes to the app were and what the current app version is.  This is usually a more detailed list than what is shown on the market.

Alert Details

Selecting an alert on the list will open the alert details screen.  You can also get to this screen by tapping an alert notice in the status bar.

alert details

This screen allows you to scroll through the description of the NWS alert.  The location that this alert is active for is indicated after the @ symbol.